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Charlize Theron Claps Back at Plastic Surgery Allegations: ‘my Face is Changing and Aging’

Charlize Theron is embracing her age, not fighting it. “My face is changing, and I love that my face is changing and aging,” Theron, 48, said in an interview with Allure posted Friday. The “Bombshell” and “Mad Max: Fury Road” actress added that some fans suspect she’s had a face lift, but insists any changes to her face are natural. “They’re like, ‘What did she do to her face?’ I’m like … ‘I’m just aging! It doesn’t mean I got bad plastic surgery. This is just what happens.’ “

Theron spoke in depth about the double standards faced by men and women when it comes to age, noting that she’s always had an issue with the phrase “men kind of age like fine wines and women like cut flowers.” “I despise that concept and I want to fight against it, but I also think women want to age in a way that feels right to them. I think we need to be a little bit more empathetic to how we all go through our journey,” she said. Theron, who is the face of Dior’s J’Adore perfume, added. “My journey of having to see my face on a billboard is quite funny now.”

When it comes to the way people view beauty, Theron shared that she’s learning to see things differently by viewing others through the lens of her daughters Jackson, 11, and August, 8. “They see somebody, they like what they’re wearing, or they think they’re pretty and they don’t really know if she’s in her 20s or she’s in her 60s,” she said. “It’s so great. I love that. I wish we could just maintain that.” Aside from changes to her face, Theron noted that aging has also affected her recovery from stunt work in films like “Fast X” as well as her ability to quickly lose weight after putting it on for a role like her film “Tully.” “The thing that really bums me out is that I make action movies now and if I hurt myself, I take way longer to heal than I did in my 20s. More than my face, I wish I had my 25-year-old body that I can just throw against the wall and not even hurt tomorrow,” she said.