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NBA Player Builds on Anti-blm Stance With Clothing Line for ‘faith-loving Americans’

Jonathan Isaac, the Orlando Magic player, has launched his own athletic apparel company aimed at catering to Christians and conservatives. In 2020, Isaac made headlines when he chose to stand during the national anthem while his teammates knelt in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, with his company called UNITUS, he hopes to appeal to consumers who supported his decision to stand and who disapprove of companies that publicly endorsed BLM.

In an interview on Fox & Friends, Isaac emphasized the importance of values and giving consumers the option to support companies aligned with their beliefs. His Christian faith played a significant role in the creation of the company, and he collaborated with a pastor to design the logo, drawing inspiration from the Ark of the Covenant.

The announcement of UNITUS was made on X (formerly Twitter), with a snippet from a mini-documentary titled “Unwoke Inc.” produced by PragerU. PragerU is an unaccredited, right-wing advocacy non-profit that produces short educational videos promoting conservative ideals. “Unwoke Inc.” claims that “wokeism” has permeated sports, entertainment, and corporations, hindering free expression of alternative perspectives. It suggests that this presents an economic opportunity for entrepreneurs like Isaac to cater to individuals who feel threatened by liberal ideals associated with “wokeism.”

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