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Norwich’s ‘parallel Universe’ Found in Norwich, USA

An expat from Norwich in England says she was amazed to find a “parallel universe” of her home city 3,300 miles (5,310km) away in Norwich in the USA.

Helen Adcock, originally from Thorpe St Andrew in Norfolk, moved to the USA with her husband five years ago. The family was taking a road trip when they stopped by Norwich in Connecticut and discovered the doppelganger. Posting photos of the buildings on Facebook, she said a comment about a “parallel universe” was spot on. “We were on our way to Rhode Island and my husband decided to detour through Norwich as he knows how much I love Norwich, UK,” Ms Adcock told the BBC.

“We are in the New England area so have been seeing lots of road signs for New London, Essex, Colchester etc. “As we drove through Norwich Connecticut we joked about where Norwich Castle was hiding. “When I saw this building it instantly made me think of the building on St Benedicts – it was so similar, with the road layout too.” The building in Norwich (UK) is on the corner of St Benedicts Street and Westwick Street while the US version – the Carroll building is situated between Main Street and Water Street.

Lee Smith, owner of Norwich Frame Workshop, which he runs from the St Benedicts Street building said one of his customers had sent him the photograph of the two sites. “It really makes me want to go to Connecticut – I think their building is nicer than mine,” he joked. More than 8,000 people reacted to her post when Ms Adcock put the photographs side-by-side on the Norwich and Norfolk History Facebook group in the UK, calling the likeness “freaky”. “The reactions have been wonderful,” said Ms Adcock. “One comment perfectly described it as a parallel universe.”

Source: BBC