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Radial North America Appoints COO Laura Ritchey as CEO

Radial has appointed its chief operating officer (COO) Laura Ritchey as the CEO of Radial North America. Ritchey, who has been with the eCommerce logistics solutions provider since 2021 as COO, will assume her new role on Sept. 15, Radial said in a Tuesday (Sept. 5) press release. With over two decades of industry experience, Ritchey brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her new position. Prior to joining Radial, Ritchey held senior leadership positions in finance at L Brands and became the executive vice president (EVP) of operations for Victoria’s Secret Beauty, according to the release. She also served as the COO at FullBeauty Brands and Centric Brands.

Ritchey’s extensive industry experience and successful tenure as COO at Radial have positioned her well to lead the company in its continued growth and leadership in eCommerce fulfillment operations, the release said. In her previous role as COO, Laura Ritchey played a critical role in guiding Radial, which is a bpostgroup company, through various market challenges, per the release.

“Stepping into the role of CEO is an exhilarating opportunity to further the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon at Radial,” Ritchey said in the release. “The eCommerce industry’s dynamic nature demands continued evolution, and I am confident in our exceptional team’s ability to meet these changing needs.”

With Ritchey taking on the role of CEO, Jeff Wiedwald will join Radial’s managing committee team as the senior vice president of solutions and fulfillment, according to the press release. Wiedwald will be responsible for leading Service Delivery operations in multiple regions, overseeing Radial’s Solutions team, and spearheading Launch and Optimization teams.

As a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, Radial offers integrated payment, fraud detection and omnichannel solutions to mid-market and enterprise brands, the release said. The company leverages over 30 years of industry expertise to tailor its services and solutions to meet the unique needs of each brand. Belgian Post Group, or bpostgroup, acquired Radial for $820 million in October 2017, saying the purchase expanded its delivery presence in North America and promoted the company as a leading player in eCommerce logistics.

Source: PYMNTS