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San Antonio Ranked No. 5 in Angriest Airports in the United States

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonians don’t have to travel far if they want to experience one of the angriest airports in the country.

The San Antonio International Airport was ranked the No. 5 angriest airport in the United States, according to a recent Forbes study.

Forbes Advisor analyzed more than 37,000 tweets between March 2022 to March 2023 that talked about the 60 busiest airports in the U.S. They then analyzed those tweets to determined what annoyed travelers the most about those airports.

Once we amassed our raw set of tweets, we processed them with a Python-based machine learning tool that measures the sentiment of language in each tweet,” said Forbes officials in a statement. “Each tweet was scored on characteristics of “sadness,” “joy,” “love,” “anger,” “fear,” and “surprise.” Then each tweet was tagged with the emotion it scored highest for. In this case, we focused our analysis exclusively on tweets tagged as “anger.” To establish airports with the angriest travelers we calculated the total number of angry tweets as a proportion of all tweets directed at that airport.

The study showed that 57% of the tweets about San Antonio Airport were angry. The words that came up the most on those tweets that were directed towards the San Antonio Airport were “TSA”, “weapon,” “officers,” “firearm,” and “broken.”

In comparison, Dallas Love Field is the next listed Texas airport on the list, ranking No. 25 with George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston at No. 27.

The airport with the most angry tweets is John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California with the word “delay” coming up the most often in those angry comments from travelers.

Indianapolis International Airport snagged the award the least annoying airport with only 42% of tweets directed toward them being angry or hostile.

The study also found that more than half of tweets about airports were angry, while the most commonly used words to describe those airports are “delays,” “security,” and “hours.”

Source: News4 San Antonio