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Signing of the U.S.-FSM Compact of Free Association-related Agreements

On May 23, Charge d’Affaires Alissa Bibb of the U.S. Embassy in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), and Chief Negotiator Leo Falcam, Jr., of the FSM Joint Committee on Compact Review and Planning signed three agreements related to the U.S.-FSM Compact of Free Association: (1) an Agreement to Amend the Compact, as Amended, (2) a new Fiscal Procedures Agreement, and (3) a new Trust Fund Agreement, marking the successful conclusion of negotiations with FSM regarding the extension of Compact- related economic assistance.

The United States has a special and historic relationship with the FSM and intends to continue Compact-related assistance at significant levels that recognize our special relationship, support economic development, bolster resilience to tackle challenges such as climate change, and assist in building a prosperous, healthy, and more self-sustaining future.

These agreements mark a major milestone in U.S.-FSM relations, which is underpinned by the Compact of Free Association and continues to support freedom, security, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific. The United States is a Pacific nation, and we have a deep and longstanding partnership with the FSM and strong people-to-people ties to Pacific Island countries that are not only our neighbors but also our friends.

Congressional approval is necessary before the agreements can be brought into force, and we are engaged with Congress on this matter. Additional negotiations are underway to continue federal programs and services that are currently provided under a Federal Programs and Services Agreement.

Source: State Gov