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Marietta College Launches New Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development

This fall, Marietta College students and faculty will benefit from a new and improved campus resource — the Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (CECD). Heading up the CECD is Dr. Jacqueline Khorassani, a longtime member of the MC community. By combining the College’s Entrepreneurship Program and Career Center, the new Marietta College launches new Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development will empower students to take ownership of their futures.“Our goal is to inspire students to start building a better life for themselves and their communities from day one on campus,” said Khorassani, who joined the College faculty in 1987. “We want to instill an entrepreneurial mindset that will excite students about the countless opportunities they can discover or create after graduation.”

The CECD will incorporate experiential workshops on entrepreneurial thinking into traditional career development programs. Khorassani said research shows this approach enhances self-driven attitudes and behaviors that help students pursue meaningful careers.With the guidance of the CECD, students will be able to identify unconventional and customized career paths aligned with their strengths and passions. The CECD’s services will equip graduates to persist and adapt in an ever-changing job market.

Having founded Marietta’s innovative Entrepreneurship Program in 2015, Khorassani was the natural choice to lead the new CECD, according to Provost Dr. Kathleen Poorman Dougherty. “With her proven track record cultivating students’ entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Khorassani will no doubt empower countless Pioneers to take ownership of their futures through the CECD’s expanded offerings,” Dougherty said. For more details, contact Dr. Khorassani at khorassj@marietta.edu.

Located in Marietta, Ohio, at the confluence of the Muskingum and Ohio rivers, Marietta College is a four-year liberal arts college. Tracing its roots to the Muskingum Academy, which was founded in 1797, the College was officially chartered in 1835. Today Marietta College serves a body of 1,200 full-time students. The College offers over 50 majors and is consistently ranked as one of the top regional comprehensive colleges by U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review. Marietta was selected seventh in the nation according to the Brookings Institution’s rankings of colleges by their highest value added, regardless of major.

Source: The Marietta Times